2014-06-01 その中の一人が、『北極ラーメン、辛さ三倍増』と注文した時、私は飲んでいた水を吹き出しそうになりました。 [長年日記]


It is a continuation of yesterday.


At "Mouko-tanmen NAKAMOTO", ramen restaurant in Machida, I ordered the most spicy ramen "HOKKYOKU ramen".


It is a simple ramen that includes pork and bean sprouts and noodles in greasy red pepper soup.


I will also order rice too.


I don't want to eat rice, but enjoy spicy of "HOKKYOKU ramen". I use rice as chaser.


From my experiment, rice is better than water and beer. Rice could wash out the spicy pepper from my mouth.



When I waited the ramen at the counter, a pair of slim men, who seemed to be college students, was coming next seat.


(I wonder if they are "herbivorous men".)



When one of two ordered to say "HOKKYOKU ramen with three times hotter",



I was almost blowing the water in my mouth.

―― 今、なんと言った?

"What are you saying?"


The clerk asked him that he has been a regular in the ramen shop.


(To be continued)

2014-06-02 認めたくないものだな・・、自分自身の・・中年が故の過ちというものを [長年日記]


It is a continuation of yesterday.


"No. I am a just beginner."


Hearing his above saying, I ridiculed him in a loud voice of my heart.

―― くっくっくっ、素人(しろうと)めが。

"You are am amateur aren’t you?"



However when I won local Chinese by spicy Sichuan cuisine in china, I lost "HOKKYOKU-ramen" because of leaving the soup.


It is said that the clerk advices guests to stop ordering "HOKKYOKU-ramen". Much more "three times hotter"?

―― 認めたくないものだな・・、自分自身の・・若さ故の過ちというものを

"Everybody doesn’t want to admit mistakes of their youth."


I've been watching the young man with grinning.

『だっ・・ゲホゲホ、こりゃ何だ! こんなもん喰える訳ないだろう!!』

"God! Coff coff!! What is that? Who can eat such a ramen?"


with looking forward to distorted his face in pain.



After five minutes,


Thought everyone feels strong pain by the tremendous spicy soup, he kept eating the ramen in his month.


He finished eating the ramen when two-third of my ramen left in my bowl, thought I started eating before him.


He remained expressionless.

店員もかなり驚いていたようで、「お客さん。ご先祖はインド方面の方とか?」 と尋ねていました。

The clerk was also surprised to him with saying "You are an offspring of India aren't you?"


―― 認めたくないものだな・・、自分自身の・・中年が故の過ちというものを

"Everybody doesn’t want to admit mistakes of their old."


Why should I say the saying for myself?


I left the shop with feeling putting a stingy for my job for more than half year.

2014-06-03 まあ、「江端先生」でもいいのかもしれません。 [長年日記]


Recently, I got a mail that starts the phase "Ebata-sensei (Dr.Ebata)", but I feel odd.


I had resigned a lecturer of prep school, and I have never been a teacher.


No doctor degree and no professional specialist.



From the viewpoint of mail senders, I am afraid that it cannot be helped.


They think that "Ebata-san" might be too free, but "Ebata-sama" should be remoteness (Of course, everyone is stranger for the first time).



"Ebata-sensei" looks like to be good.


When I have made a lonely trip in China at twenty-one years old, I called old Chinese persons with "sensei".


As another way, “sensei" means "who is older than me".


So you call "Ebata-sensei", because "Ebata is born before me."

―― うん。私の中では受け入れ可能です。

O.K. I can accept "Ebata-sensei".

2014-06-04 「研究対象を具現化せずに、どうやって研究を進めることができる訳?」 [長年日記]


"Well, do you think that colleges don't give their students how to operate computer programming recently?"


"What is that suddenly, Mr.Ebata?"

「何人かの新人と話をしてみたのだけど、『プログラミングをしたことがない』 という人が結構な数、いてね」

"I have discussed several fresh persons in this laboratory, and they told me that they have no experiment of programming"


"Do you talk about the fresh persons who major in information science in their college?"


"No. It means the general industrial engineering including life science of biogenetics, for example.




"Don't you agree that programming is the easiest way to understand the objects of their study with using numeric?




"How do they make a progress of their study without realizing their research objects?"


"Excel is enough. If they need the statistic approach, MATBAL script is the best"

「でも、それでは、具現化できる範囲が凄く限定的になるし、自分の発想を組みこむことができないよ? 第一、自分の仮説を立てて、それを検証することもできないし」

"That tool's capabilities restrict the range of their realization, and it should be hard to add new innovative idea to their study. To begin with, it is impossible to make their own hypothesis and to validate the evidence.


"O.K. O.K. I understand what you want to say"




"Mr.Ebata. I am sorry but you are wrong."


"Which point?"


"First of all, what is not realized by excel or MATLAB is what is not realized.


"Pardon? "


"Your thought is absolutely wrong. The interfaces of Excel or MATLAB are kinds of the limitation of research object. You don't have to think over"




"Nothing. Your hypothesis should not be beyond the ability of Excel or MATLAB"


"You said that "don't think about heliocentric theory”, “God makes human. Be unsuspecting!""


"That's right. What is inconvenience?"


"Researchers should ...."


"Mr.Ebata. you know better.”Blindness" is the easiest way to reach "happiness""



I noticed that he told me about my column.

2014-06-05 新連載「世界を「数字」で回してみよう」が始まりました。 [長年日記]


We start a new serialization "Let's turn over the world by number".


I am going to do my best to make it good columns.



However this subject was decided by an editors of this serialization, I also proposed several subjects.


If you read the following subjects, I think you could understand what I set up, what I am aiming.


From the viewpoint of a supremacist of "number"


So, let's turn over the world by numbers --- resolve problems by engineering methods.

■結局、世界は「数字」でできている ――数字で見る世界観

After all, the world is made of "numbers" - view of the world from numbers

■それでも地球は「数字」で動く ――世界を支配する数字という力

The world still run on numbers - Numbers rule the world.

■それでも世界は「数字」で回る ――世界を支配する数字という力

(Same as above)

■結局、世界は「数字」で回る ――数字で読み解く時事問題

(Same as above)

■そして、最後に「数字」が動き出す ――数字で解釈する時事問題

(Same as above)


From the viewpoint of methods to win disputation.


When you tell number, you could win.


Ultimate weapon whose name is "number". You regretted to be refuted.


Ultimate weapon whose name is "number”, when we lost all.


How to use the violence unit whose name is "number".


(Same as above)


So, let's decide it by numbers.


(Same as above)


So, let's calculate it by numbers.


From the viewpoint of unknown.


Finally, it is number.


Do engineers dream number?


Numbers give us the entire world.


If the world is made by only number


Number -- the last straw


The reason why you said "I love number", even if you hate number.



I hope that you are looking forward to reading this series.

2014-06-06 「ビックデータ」は、とにかく、めちゃくちゃに面倒くさいやつなのです。 [長年日記]


Thought I don't like the word "big data", I have to deal with the "big data".


From the viewpoint of this task, I want to define the "big data".


"Data, that stop any process, Excel, for example, by the shortage of memory


"Data, whenever I try to edit the data items, (same as the above)"

つまり、ビックデータとは、「パソコンで、二進も三進(にっちもさっちも)もできないデータ」と定義できる ―― と、痛感しています。

In short, I really feel that “big data" should be defined that "everybody cannot do anything in a deadlock.""


I think that someone wonder if they should process "big data" itself.


Yes, they should.


Thought there might be normal operations, as follows

例えば、日付データのフォーマットを変更したり、変な値のデータを削除したり、項目名称を変更したり ―― ビックデータは、そんなことすら、できないのです。

Changing date format, deleting odd data value, and transferring item name, it is absolutely very hard, even if it is "bid data”.


"Untouchables by normal methods"


This is my "big data" definition.



I have to write the data transformation program in order to change "140214" to ""2014/02/14", and to delete dust data,


In addition, the program cannot operate as I expect for the first time, so I should debug the program several times.


If the worst happens, the program cannot perform because of the "big data".


Anyway, the complications of “big data” are beyond my description.



Fortunately, I could find the special editor that can grab more than more that 100,000,000 lines data


The name is “EmEditor”.

一体どこの誰が、こんなニーズがあって、このようなエディタを作ったのかは不明ですが ―― とにかく助かりました。

Thought I don't know that who made it and what purpose he/she made it, I was really helped anyway.


The problem however, is not fully resolved.


I have to resolve some remaining issues, for example, finding target values in more than 100,000,000 lines data.

「解析に入る前の段階で、『心が折れる』」 ―― これもビックデータの定義と言えそうです。

"Breaking my heart before starting the analysis" is another definition of "big data".



Now I am wondering that


What ratio of persons who use the word "big data", and


How they could reach to understand "desperate handling difficulty" of "big data"



(To be continued)

2014-06-07 ―― エクセルが存在してもいない時代に、こういう処理やったことあるなぁ [長年日記]


When I was struggling for extraction of part of "big data" by Excel,


I noticed an old memory of mine.

―― エクセルが存在してもいない時代に、こういう処理やったことあるなぁ

I did same this process before no Excel had existed.


What kind of age is that?


It was an age that 2MB memory was more than ten thousands yen, and 20GB HDD was thirty thousands yen.


I certainly could process data against that poor environment.



This time, I used "cut" command after installing UNIX based tool.


There was no problem against more than 14,000,000 line data.

_ なにも、データ加工するのに、全部のデータをロードする必要がある訳がありません。

It is not necessary to load whole "big data" in order to process the data.


To read one line and to write the line.


I don't have to need some GB unit memory, even if I want to process data.


そんな訳で、UNIX OSやツールを作った人たちって、やっぱり偉大だなぁ、と20年ぶりに思ったりしています。

So, the first time in 20 years, I think again that persons who made UNIX OS and tools were really great.

2014-06-08 ―― 10代の人間は、熱エネルギー法則の例外として、宇宙からエネルギーの供給を受けることができる [長年日記]


I think I am watching an animation in my life history.

―― ピンポン




I was not good at ball games in general, so I belonged in table-tennis club by high-school.


Thought table-tennis looks like to need less energy, we were running everyday because of keeping my stamina.


10km a day.


Now, if you run the 100 meters, something wrong in my body appears on the commute. I think the "10km running" seemed to be miracle.

―― 10代の人間は、熱エネルギー法則の例外として、宇宙からエネルギーの供給を受けることができる

Teenager could get some energy from space, as an exception of thermal energy theory.





Animation "Ping-Pong" is perfect for the story, picture and serif.


Especially, it is the most wonderful shot that the main character "Peko" pays out a powerful cut services.


In this week, I was about to cry in the words by "Akuma".


"I cry a little, but I come back soon."

―― こういうセリフを、あの時代に使いたかった。

"I wanted to use the serif in that era."


If I use it, junior staff will have the mood ruined, and senior staff will fly to me with looking pale.

2014-06-09 第三次世界大戦の発生確率 [長年日記]


"The probability of occurrence of World War III"


"There hasn't happened the WW3 yet, so we cannot calculate the probability. We need at least more than 100 times of the WW3".


This way of thinking is an ordinal approach of probability estimation.

On the other hand,


"From the data of the second World War and the First World War, we try to guess" is that the approach of Bayesian estimation.


I read the above comment about Bayesian estimation.


That phrase describes it perfectly.



The other day, when you came down to the living, my daughters watch the TV program that displayed the words "AKB48" and "general election".


I knew well that "no comment gives a peace to my family", I glanced the display within 3 seconds, and came back to my room soon.


At that time,

―― アイドルグループのライフサイクル(発生から消滅まで)を、ベイズで推定してみようか

I happened to think over "can I calculate the lifecycle of an idol group by Bayesian estimation?"



Anyway, I can get enough referenced data.



I thought both "It might be good as an idea of new series" and "there also is danger of life" at the same time.


I also think that it might be possible to calculate "which is more dangerous material of "Senkaku Islands issue" or "AKB48".

2014-06-10 パパの親切とは、『無償かつ無限の親切』ではなく『無償だが限定的な親切』だ [長年日記]


The other day,


In a crowded train, when I stood up in front of a woman, who seemed to be vomit, I got off the compartment, and change it.


I don't wish to be concerned in such be vomited, and a witness to the scene.



I told the above story to my family.


My senior daughter said that "you make it a rule to help foreign persons in need" and "you always keep a priority seat to give a person in need the seat"


"Yes, I do and have done them, indeed"


"It is contradiction!"


"You know...”


I told her the following,

―― 私の親切は、私の予定範囲内のものだけだ

- My kindness ranges within my expectation.

―― 私が対処できない人までも、助けるつもりは、これまでもこれからも、一切ない

- I had and have no intention to help person that I can't reach my capability.



"In other words, my "kindness "is not "free and infinite" but “free but limited".




"Do you think that I am cowardice? Still I believe in "it is better than zero""

2014-06-11 現在、GIDに関するコラムの執筆を進めております。 [長年日記]


Now I am writing a column about GID.


I concentrate aspects "pain" and "suffering" of GID at the first round.


The other day, I finished an interview to a person of MTF, and I could understand GID deeply.


Thanks to this "real voice", I feel the big paradigm shift is coming like from "coast of the shallow beach” to “the bottom of the Japan Trench".


Now I want to hear more real voice about GID directly. I am going to go out to interview face by face.


I strongly would like to meet pre-operation persons and FTM persons especially.

I am looking forward to your mail to me.


Of course, I will absolutely protect your privacy through my life and honor.


I would be very pleased if my column heals the GID's pain even if it is a little.



Now I doubt about the number of GID population that ministries have announced, so I try to re-calculate it.

―― 苦しい人が、「苦しい」と言える世の中にならなければならない

"Painful human could say "painful" anytime, anywhere."


I believe it even if I am superficiality, pettiness, cowardice as a diary of yesterday.


2014-06-12 結婚して、子をなし、社会的責任を全うする大人になること、ということが、唯一の価値観であること [長年日記]

結婚して、子をなし、社会的責任を全うする大人になること、ということが、唯一の価値観であること ――

"Marriage, child birth and care, and becoming an adult to fulfill the social responsibility"


Though it is clear that the period have already ended with a sense of value, I know that the value itself is not going to be ruined.


Many guardians want their children to act with understandable value, leaving half their life.


It is easy for them.


Still I told you that, it is very hard and painful for some persons to understand "Hatune-MIKU", "funny painted car","Comic market" and "idol group" and so on.


At least for my case, I spend much time to research and study the objects in order to write as columns.



I don't think that they, that were sub-culture groupie, are meaningless at all.


In fact, I am same with them.


As for me, I am a mania of new analysis and technologies.


I have tried and am trying new technologies, for example, "Fuzzy reasoning", "Neural network", "Genetic algorithm", and "Object oriented programming" , recently, "Bayesian network" and "Big data analysis"


"Onyanko-club"....( sorry, I don't know more) ... "AKB"

―― そんな大差があるだろうか?

I think that "Is there big difference between above two?"




However I feel that I am happier than them.


Because new technology groupies are


- To accept them in office,


- To understand them from my family,


- To be recognized as a social actions



On the other hand, idol group groupies are going to get the cold shoulder and to suffer persecution, as much as their age.


Middle aged idol group groupies should make strong will and become to modify perfect their own closed-world against the real world.


I think sincerely that they are really great.

たとえ、彼等がその「追っかけ」を極めた所で、なんの社会的な成果も名声も得られないことが運命的に確定しているモノを、打算なく「追っかけ」続けることは ――

Even if they master the groupie, it has finalized fateful that they never get any social fruit and fame.


Their actions are one of the strong antitheses against the value of ""Marriage, child birth and care, and becoming an adult to fulfill the social responsibility"



At the same time, I will tell them that


"I never give you my daughter".



It is another cup of tea.


And unfortunately, my opinion might be same with other guardians’ one. No need of basin estimation.

I want to leave the following lines for them.


"Do not think that you can keep living your life with your wish"


"Everybody is living at the expense of something. Prepare yourself for the worst"


2014-06-13 「青春時代の大切な通過儀礼」 [長年日記]


The other day, I found group members who called for donations (I forgot the object).

大きな声で、元気よく ―― と言えば、まあ聞こえは良いのですが、朝の通勤時に、色々なことを考えながら歩いている時に、あのような暴力的な声を聞かされると、

Though "Cheerful loud voices" sounds nice, I felt angry to be heard such a loud voices with thinking many things on the way to work.




For my case, I didn't care minds of business persons at all in my high school days, so I should overlook that their actions are


"An initiation ceremony in their youth"



However there are some advisers or teachers for their activities, I think they should give some advice to to clarify their purpose.


(1)To satisfy their selves completely for their activity.


(2)To get money(target amount)


(3)To advertise the activities.


(4)To appeal the status (plight, etc.) of the subject.


There might be no problem, if they choose the above (1). I think that it is important for them.


If the purpose is the above (2)-(4), the opposite effect becomes terrible. It is nonsense.


I think that it should be too hard to ask high school student to think over more.



However I sometimes see same kinds of activities by college student at the station square.



Without setting any purpose, only to be closed their self-satisfaction, I think that they are too childish.

2014-06-14 「今年死ぬ確率は1割」 [長年日記]


Before, I made a simulator of population estimation, and got a result that all Japanese is going to vanish away by A.D. 3222.


It was a simple program that was used both total fertility rate and death rate.


Though I have to input the death rate in my program source file by my hand, this is an interesting process.


For example, the death rate is


One of ten thousand in the 10's


Six of ten thousand in the 20's



One thousand two hundred of ten thousand in the 85's


Two thousand and twenty-five of ten thousand in the 90's


Three thousand and eighty-eight of ten thousand in the 95's



Now I don't have to think that "I still might not to be in next year"


In the near future, I am about to calculate


"The probability to survival is in next year is 90%"


It might interest me, though,


"The probability to death is in this year is 10%"


will make me unhappy.

2014-06-15 我が家での「アナ」ブームが凄いことになっています。 [長年日記]


I have never seen the movie "Anna and Snow Queen" yet, but I heard the movie is really wonderful.


I have watched the preview version of other movie in a theater; I thought that it looked like a good one.


After all, the theme is great.

「雪」「冬」「凍る」 ―― 大好きです。

I love the words "snow" "winter" and "frozen".


I always think I wished to live my life in winter all year around. On other words, “summer must die", so, it is no exaggeration to say "this movie is mine"



This "Ana" boom has become great in my house.

長女は、すでに2回(4回という説もある) 見に行っていますし、嫁は苦しい家計の中から、サウンドトラックのデラックス版CDの購入に踏みきりました。

My senior daughter has gone the movie four times, and my wife has decided to purchase the Deluxe Edition CD of the soundtrack from the painful family budget.


"Ana" in my house, "Ana" in my car, heading both English and Japanese of "Ana" anywhere, anytime.

In addition,


Walking down the street, entering the beef bowl shop and eating ramen, I could not be away from "Ana" song attacks.



Recently, I have noticed that I am about to hate "Ana".


I am a little impatient that I have to go to the movies in a hurry.

2014-06-16 論文は、私のコラムを参考にして、書かれるべきだと思う [長年日記]


The other day, a junior colleague lent me proceedings about big data, so I read it for a while.


When I returned it, I said "thank you" and the following impressions.


The papers were long and difficult for me.


I think that any paper should refer to my columns.


For example,


"When I watched the data, I gave a voice of surprise."



『こんな結果は、とても受けいれられない! 』

"I shouted that I could not accept the results of my experiments."


If they could add such a fresh voice, the paper becomes easy to read and carry conviction.



I thought I was going to have to talk quite seriously,


I was laughing from many juniors.

2014-06-17 角砂糖13個を食べる子どもを止めない親も、立派に「子どもを虐待している」と言ってもよさそうです。 [長年日記]


When I attended the meeting about the company safety, I was taught that 13 pieces of cube sugar are included in sweet drink in plastic bottles.


A carbonated beverage seems to be included more.



For a painful game, I heard that foolish game "how many cups are you drinking soy sauce?”(Don't do it. It is really danger)


The parents, who don't stop their children to eat more than 13 pieces of cube sugar, seem to be having an abuse perfectly.


So I told my daughter about the 13 pieces of cube sugar.


But I am afraid that it is not enough.


Next week end, we are going to go a family restaurant and order free drink menu,


I will hold an event that,

Lining up both a cup of tea with 13 pieces of cube sugar and a glass of carbonated drink, and ask them to drink two at the same time.


2014-06-18 私が、すでに世界的な研究を完成していながら、未だ発表していない理由 [長年日記]


Now, the topic of "research note" seems to be hot.


But I feel bad because the unrelated third persons are checking the "research note".


Though it might be unavoidable situation in this case, I don't want anyone to find the contents of my note.



I write by my original format (based on MindMap), it is difficult for many people to read and understand my thoughts. To begin with, I am afraid that nobody can understand my texts.

あれは「きれい/汚い」という次元ではなく、可読が「可能/不可能」の文字ですし、論理的に記載していないし ―― そもそも「研究ノート」を書いているという気持ちがない。

The point is "Readable or not" rather than "beautiful or not". I don't write the script logically. After all, I have no intention to make "research note".




Blog tips in minutes, data of my columns in another big data results, illustration for pregnancy mechanism,

―― もう、めちゃくちゃ。

What a mess.


Finally, I can't read my note by myself at all.



So, why I have not released my worldwide research results, is just


"I do not want to be seen my note by third persons"


2014-06-19 ―― そのプログラムコードを、誰かの役に立てたい [長年日記]


Now I am making a simulation program based on "C" language (still not "C++").


After knowing "Object-oriented programming", more than twenty years, through eternity time, has passed. I re-think again that,

"I wonder if the concept of object-oriented is really needed."




- Readability is very bad. (Why should I feel hard to track my source codes?)


- An interface is not unique, so I cannot specify which method I should read.


- If the definition of an n object is in another file, code tracking is terrible complicated.


- If someone made an inherited object, I feel fear to make the method because I don't estimate results.


Of course, I know it is very convenience in order to make like a "rice-ball of data", though,


I think that "struct" is enough.


Do we really need a method to change the "rice-ball of data" with "rice-square of data”?


I think external functions are good to do the processes if we need them,



I know better that this logic is unfair.


In my case, I have no plans to develop a system with someone in the future. The simulation program is just mine, so I will define the interface as my favorite.


It is freedom.


- I am going to use global variables,


- write numeric in source code directly, and,

もう、近い未来には、あの毛虫のように嫌われた" GOTO"さえも復活させるかもしれません。

- reuse the "GOTO" that is hated as a caterpillar, in the near future.



However I am going to open my entire program I make as a hobby, the goody-goody feeling that

―― そのプログラムコードを、誰かの役に立てたい

"I want to make the program codes open for someone's help."


is not a trace.


If you want to do additional test of my simulator, you should be working on in its own way of preparedness.

2014-06-20 でもね、「本日中の復旧断念」というアナウンスを、今(23時)に出して、どーする。 [長年日記]


I always tell my family that


When you feel pain, cry to me at the 70% level. It is going to be late after at 100%.


It must be too late at 100%.



Hello, Mr Odakyu-Dentetsu.


I don't have no intention to complain about your announce "the derailment accident will recovery by 23:00"


There is no control system without any accident, and nobody knows the future.


Mind you. What are you expect me with releasing your announcement of "abandoned the recovery in today" at 23:00?


For example, if you had told me "the recovery in today might be impossible" at 21:00, I could have to do something to go home.



I thought that Mr.Odakyu-dentetsu, whose delay and late arrival was usual, had no reason to notice such tips.


I think that Mr.Odakyu-dentetsu did this strategy because of another reason.


I don't know the tip.


Thinking this tip, I am going to take a nap on my chair this night.



If the reason was based on


"We don't have to save foolish people who believe in the recovery against derailment accident.


I cannot rage. I should not rage.


Rather than raging, I have to accept my foolishness.


Because I am a control system engineer rather than an ordinal users


I am familiar with control systems, so when you pointed out "could you see through the impact of the accident", I lost for words.



"Hmm. The railway company can recover from derailment accident just for five hours. It is absolutely great."


Who was impressed with the "idiot" is here.

2014-06-21 『私は私ではないか!』 [長年日記]


I am reading many books about GID


In a book, I read a story that when a MTF person pass the automatic ticket gate, the gate shows the light and she always has to face troubles. (Maybe my understanding is no problem).


On study about it, now there seems to be no machine with the light, a station staff keep checking the gender against fare dodging.


Of course, the MTF person uses her own commuter pass, there is no problem.


But whenever she was stopped by staff, she has to explain about what she is.


I am afraid that this is really troublesome and hard for her.


"I am "what I am" am not I?"


"Why does everybody want to know the information of my gender?"


I think I can understand what she want to cry.


(To be continued)

2014-06-22 とりあえず自分のホームページの名前を「江端さんのホームページ」から、「こぼれネット」と変更させて頂いております。 [長年日記]


(Continued from yesterday)


In fact, I sometimes download useful software tools (experiment version) in order to calculate many issues.


At the download, I often have been asked to input my profile at the top page.


Thought I want to give my information, there are some problems. I have to descript the followings mandatory,


- Company name


- Department



I thought over that I don't use this tool as a company staff.


I might be allowed to use my company name, as a matter of convenience, but I don't feel good.


Above all, why the homepage ask me my company name?

『私は私ではないか! 』

"I am "what I am" am not I?"


"No company, No life?" (That's as may be)


The answer: Operation and sales expansion for the company.

と ―― で、この話が、上記のMTFの方の話を思い出すきっかけとなった訳です。

So this story reminded me of the above the person of MTF.


My story is more light-minded than the GID case, so

―― 皆さんは、私を叱っていいと思う。

Everybody may scold me.



I make a new organization that I belong, except for my company.


I needed just five seconds from an idea to start.


I didn't register it as cooperation.


The second character of mine is

■組織名 「こぼれネット」

Organization:Kobore Net

■部署名 技術担当

Unit : Technical department

■役職 ライター

Post: Writer.



Above all, I changed the name of my homepage from "Mr.Ebata's HomePage" to "Kobore Net".

2014-06-23 ―― こんな低能でも、東京都議の議員になれる。 [長年日記]

―― 少子化が、本当の意味でシャレにならない状態である

"Falling birthrate" is not really a joke now.


I have studied the problem of "falling birthrate" for half a year, from the viewpoint of an engineer.





In the plenary session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, when a woman legislator had a general question about the support system of capital over the pregnancy and childbirth of women, the opposition hooted and jeered at her, "Marry soon", "No child you have" as a man's voice



I think the accident give us a great "hope".

―― こんな低能でも、東京都議の議員になれる。

"Even in such morons, can become members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly."


When persons, who are hard to work at ordinal companies, they seems to become "members of Tokyo sharpener".


This is a happy situation in age of this difficult job isn't this?



I try to explain the reasons regardless of "moral" "vulgarity" and "hurt" from the humanitarian or personality.


(1)According to "falling birthrate" problem, anyone could understand the seriousness if they read just a few books about the problem. If they calculate "falling birthrate" by a calculator, it is perfect.


In a nutshell, the person who had hooted and jeered, is really morons, because he didn't study such easy issues.


"Hisses and boos" is only allowed by Article 51 of the Constitution of Japan. Because a member of the Assembly should have a right to pursue the truth

―― 真実の追究の為に、発言に対して責を問われないという権利(日本国憲法第51条)


In this case, however, there was not cause at all.


(3)However "declining birthrate" "aging" and "non-marriage's" problems are really in the state of emergency in Japan,


This person who could say "Marry as soon as possible", "No child you have, don't you?", has no common sense



However, this accident also gave me new tips of columns.


I think that certain numbers should exists in Japan, who is morons, no cause and no common sense.

この人口比率を推定できないか ―― と、今、私は、統計的アプローチに燃えています。

I am going to calculate as soon as possible, that "could I estimate of the above population in Japan?"

2014-06-24 先日、帰宅時の電車の中で、ガテン系風のおっさん二人の会話から、「化物語」という単語が出てきた時は、本当にビックリしました。 [長年日記]


"The books of Monogatari series" that includes "Bake-monogatrari" have become not only my favorite books but the reference books of my columns.


For example, I have used the books, like,

"Well, in this case, I have read a great expression phrase in second half of Hana-monogatari"




The other day, I was really surprised to hear the word "Bake-monogatari" in two worker's chat on the train to my home.


Of course, I should not attempt to distinguish between people by appearance, however, the preferences of two old men were shared and it became to reach the level of the conversation.

―― 半端な確率ではない

I think that "It was absolutely extremely probability"


それは、宇宙が創成する確率と同程度の小ささ ―― 「絶無」と呼べるほどのものではないか、と。

It is small at the same level as the probability of creating the universe. It should be called "nil".


Needless to say, I am very happy to hear the conversation as a fun of "Monogatari-serised".



Another day, I was through the front of the pachinko parlor.


In front of the pachinko parlor, in the uplink flag, there were

「パチンコ 化物語」


the characters "Pachinko Bake-monogatari" and the figures of Araragi-kun and Senjyougahara-san.

2014-06-25 出張から戻ったあなた(女性)は、タンスの中に見たことがない女性下着を発見する。 [長年日記]


You (female) discover the woman underwear that is not yours in your closet when you return from a business trip.


You wonder if your partner (male) has an affair.






Condition: You discover the underwear.

Hypothesis: Your partner has an affair.



In order to estimate the hypothesis by basian, you need at least three parameters.


(1)First of all, you have to estimate the probability of the underwear existence under the condition of "your partner has an affair".


- In this case, the underwear is a panty.


- There seems to be no explanation of the reason that the panty exist here.


- However, your partner should act carefully if he has an affair.

→ あなたは、パートナーが浮気としているとした場合、パンティが存在する確率を50%と見積る。

You estimate that the probability of the panty existence is 50%, if your partner has an affair.


Next, you have to estimate the probability of the underwear existence under the condition of "your partner doesn't have an affair".


- Your partner bought the panty instead of a handkerchief by mistake.


- It is a panty of your friend. She just left it.


- Your partner tries to give you the panty as a present.


- (You would not want to think, but) it is his panty.

→ あなたは、パートナーが浮気をしていないとした場合に、パンティが存在する確率を5%と見積る。

You estimate that the probability of the panty existence is 5%, if your partner doesn't has an affair.


Finally, you have to estimate the (prior) probability of "your partner has an affair".


There is data that 4% of married partner betray spouse, so you adopt this.





Calculate the probability of your partner's affair when you find a panty that is not yours.

(出展:「シグナル&ノイズ」P.266-268 ネイト・シルバー著 )

("The signal and the noise" P.266-268 Nate Silver)



I think it is very interesting if the problem will be the college examination.


I am sure that statistics and mathematics become familiar with high school students absolutely.


Previously, I tried to calculate the same pattern's problem (Disease incidence and medication) by Basian , and finally I needed more than three hours and ten calculation sheets.


I had enough of such calculation, now I use a tool "BAYONET" that is presented by NTT DATA Mathematical Systems Co.Ltd.


As the result, I could get the answer of "29%" as the same of the book that told me.



Even if a panty is in your chest, the possibility of your partner's affair is still around 29 percent.


It is not enough to cross-examine your partner.


You should look for further evidence, and increase the confidence by the recalculation.


2014-06-26 英語もしゃべれん、空港から一歩も動けん、自分でレストランにも行けん、自分でホテルも取れん、現場に自分で行くともできん ―― そんな舅(しゅうと) [長年日記]


When I was stationed in Colorado, USA, the United States terrorist attacks of "9.11" has occurred.


I had watched the TV Interview program of the Japanese participants of the attacks.



When the husband of a married couple had being involved in this accident and gone missing, his father was about to go the U.S.,


At that time, the wife of the married couple had told the father


"Father. Don't worry. I am O.K."


And she had asked him to stop coming to the U.S.


The father seemed to have been very impressed with saying


"She was acting courageously"




At that time, I felt in my bones that the father has misunderstood the wife's intention.


- The wife would be to have been running around in desperation, in order to determine the life and death of the husband every day.


- She wanted to find a husband somehow thought any grabbing and even trivial information.



- If the father-in-law, who could not speak English, not goes out of the airport, not go to a restaurant, and not go to the accident site, was coming,

―― 捜索も情報収集も何もできやしない。

"She could not search and collect any information, and could not do anything."


- In a word "disturbing"



Of course, if the father-in-law could search his son by himself through another, it was better.


But if he was going to count for the wife's assist, it would be nothing more than "disturbing".



I want to expand the above story to everyday's story.


The "consolation" is "disturbing" if you rely on the support of local.


My work is going to be stopped by you.


I don't need any free dinner party at all.


If you do not see care of yourself, please do not come to me.


That's enough already.

2014-06-27 先日、駅のホームで倒れている人を見ました。 [長年日記]


The other day, I found a person who was lying in station platform.


He is a younger guy, and I thought that he was not drinking too much.


I approached and asked him that


"Hey, you. Are you O.K.? Do you need help?"




"If you are drunk, I will treat a cold tea."


"It is O.K. but would you call the station staff soon?"


"I got you!”

と言い残して、改札の駅員さんに、ニーチャンが倒れていることと、その場所を告げて、―― そのまま立ち去りました。

I went to the office room and told an officer what a guy was laying and where he was, and I moved away.


"I do what I can do.”


―― ただ、「倒れている人がいる」→「冷たいお茶を提供する」という思考形態は、そろそろ 改めても良いころだとは、思っています。

Still, I should have to stop the thought that "when a person is lying, I will give him/her a cold drink".

2014-06-28 私達の世代全体が、軽蔑の対象になっている気がします。 [長年日記]

It is a continuation from here.


Fifty-one years old?


I thought that he have been more than eighty-years old having a stick.


He is almost same age as me.


It is something embarrassing.


I feel that whole generation of us, seems to be contempt.


But I thought that I had had to face many sexual problems, like different surnames for a married couple, equal employment opportunity, and sexual harassment.


I have been be terrible scolded by not only woman friends but men friends with being said "you don't know anything!"

―― で、残念ながら、多分私は、今でも間違い続けているのだろうと思う。

I am sorry but I think I have kept misunderstanding anything until now.


However, I won't accept that the level of my misunderstanding is the same level of you.


With the knowledge of my rudeness, I dare to ask you,


What have you been studying in school and society?



The Congress seems to have stopped the pursuit more.


It can't help. Nobody doesn't want to make them collateral victims.


Metropolitan government also will not be allowed to delay. We should not rely on judicial because of wasting of tax.


It might be good. Both congress and judiciary are not needed.


In addition, we want to cherish the spirit of Article 51 of the Constitution, I am also opposed to the "rules of the prohibition the Night Market".



Instead, I ask if it would be able to give me a couple of rules of work that needs a few minutes.


(1)Would you please give me the voice file of the problem? An application system also good. It is O.K. to open the applicant name (It will be me).

The voice quality should be the highest, and please don't care the file size.


(2)Would you please open all of the voice file of the proceedings from now?


This way doesn't need much cost, even if the initial investment of audio equipment might be needed.

え? 私、東京都民なのですから、ヤジを含めて、その発言を聴取する権利が、ありますよね?

Pardon? I am a Tokyo resident, so I have right to hear the voices of the proceedings with jeering don't I?


(To be continued)

2014-06-29 私、音声解析のプロではないのですが、周波数解析や声紋の基本原理くらいは知っています。 [長年日記]

It is a continuation from yesterday.


However I am not a professional of voice analyzer, I know the basic theory of frequent analysis and sound spectrogram.


The PC performance is really tremendous. I think that the dedicated device for the analysis doesn't need.


As for the rest, I need the voices of assembly persons. They are going to be recorded in the future congress.


It is enough that Tokyo Metropolitan Government will open all of the voice files that include jeering


I have to spend much time to finish analysis because I have to work for a just weekend researcher using my private PC.



On the other hand, no less than one hundred students, who are going to write their paper about voice analysis seem to be in colleges in Japan.

『これを卒論や修論にすれば、―― 結構いけるぜ、後輩たち』

"If these papers are submitted as graduation thesis and master's thesis, it should be good, my junior fellows."


I set them on the problem.


Moreover, Acoustical Society and the Information Processing Society opens a special study group, and hold a competition to specify other jeers and laughing person using anonymity signal.


Of course, the conditions are that the audio data should be used academically, and the analysis result should not be used for pursuit of responsibility politically.


It might be good to publish or open the process and results on web site.



It is "maybe",


Even if a poor engineer like me, is given much time and work leisurely, I could specify

―― ヤジった人も、笑った人も、だれもかも。

Anybody, other jeers and laughing persons.

2014-06-30 「パンティ」という用語まで、忠実に引用しています。 [長年日記]


The other day, I introduced you to a Basian estimation example.


However, some persons thought that the example was Ebata's original idea.


Unfortunately, I was sorry but I could not think out such a wonderful example.


So I want to make sure that,

あれは、「シグナル&ノイズ」P.266-268 に記載された、ネイト・シルバさんの文章を参照しているものです。

The example was just quoted from "The signal and the noise" written by Mr. Nate Sliver.


I referred to the term "panty" devotedly.



I hesitated to use the term "panty".


At first, I wrote "pants", however, I thought again that I should not change the author's intention, and I have examined the term "panty" in the Wiki, etc...


At the result, "panty" doesn't mean that

―― 華美な装飾を施された、女性的アピールを兼ね備えた女性用下着

A women's underwear that is subjected to the ornate decoration, and to appeal feminine


So I decided to use the term in my diary.



Today, I presented the Basian estimation with this example.


The presentation materials are here.